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23 Aug 2023

The Gambia Tourism Board (GT Board) reminds all Proprietors and businesses in the Hotel, Night Club, Casino, Bars, and Restaurants, and all other Tourism related businesses operating within and outside Tourism Development Area to come forward and regularize their operation licenses requirement. The Businesses are further reminded that their continuing operations without payment for such license is in contravention of the GT Board Part VII Section 32 and 33 (1) & (2) which is reproduced below:

“The GT Board Act 2011 Part VII-Licensing”

Section 32

“32. (1) Subject to subsection (2)

  • A hotel
  • A Night club
  • A Casino; or
  • A restaurant

Except with, and in accordance with a license granted by the Board.

  1. The Board may publish a notice exempting any premises or any class of premises from the requirements of subsection (1)

Failure to regularize your Operational licenses with the Board shall result in the Board invoking section 48 of the GT Board Act which is stated below:

48 “ A person who contravenes any of the provisions of this Act commits an offense and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand dalasi.

Please note that the below definitions as per the GT Board Act, 2011 and Regulations


“Hotel” includes a guest house, rest house, tourist village, flat-hotel, inn, lodging house or premises used for the reception of guests or guests or travelers but excludes the premises listed in the First Schedule of this Act.


“Restaurant” means premises in which the business of selling food or beverages to the public is carried on;


“Casino” means any premises, including gaming houses, to which members of the public have access for the purpose of playing a prescribed game of chance.


“Nightclub” means premises open for business at night and having a bar and disco or other entertainment.

Tourist Enterprises and Tourist Guide

“Tourist enterprises” means the enterprises listed in the Second Schedule to this Act: and

“Tourist guide" means a person who is employed to educate tourists about the geography, history, cultures, and life of different communities in The Gambia

Guest / Tourist are advised not to lodge in any Apartment, Guesthouse, Lodge, or Motel that is not registered with the Gambia Tourism Board failure for which the guest is responsible for any uncertainty.




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