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Gambian popular music began in the 1960s, with groups such as The Super Eagles. The Super Eagles traveled internationally, playing ′′merengue′′ and other pop genres with an African flourish, including Wolof lyrics. Later, the group returned to their country’s musical roots; they spent two years travelling around The Gambia and studying traditional music. The outcome was a reformed band, which was called Ifang Bondi, and their style became ′′Afro- Manding′′ blues.

Today, Jaliba Kuyateh and his Kumareh band is the most popular exponent of Gambian Mandinka music, touring internationally on a regular basis. The recent discovery of The Gambia′s international rising star Sonna Jobarteh is an addition to the authentic Kora rhythm with truly Gambian origin. The Gambian music scene is currently thriving, with ingenious raps, dancehall, reggae, afro manding and Mballax delivered in English, Mandinka and Wolof at the popular ′′Open Mic′′ festivals and at other events, especially around the coast.

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