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Health & Medication

An international certificate of vaccination is no longer compulsory for visitors to the Gambia. However, a yellow fever vaccination will be required for visitors from Europe and North America. The last outbreak of yellow fever in the Gambia was in 1978. However, visitors are advised to take the necessary precautions such as: Anti- malaria medicine and consult with their doctor for appropriate prescription.

Visitors are also advised to bring along insect repellents, sun screen, anti-fungal creams and disinfectant unobtainable in certain parts of the country. There are several government hospitals and clinics as well as those operated by private practitioners.


Hospitals/Clinics/Dentists Phone numbers:
AfricMed (220) 446-53-59
Bijilo Medical Center (220) 446-48-68
Kololi Clinic (220) 446-34-34
Lamtoro Clinic (220) 446-05-96
Royal Victorial Hospital (220) 422-37-56
Swedent Clinic (Dentists) (220) 446-12-12
West Field Clinic (220) 439-22-13

Controlled Drugs

Be advised that those on medication that are controlled drugs should bring along their prescriptions when visiting The Gambia.

Acetyldihydrocodeine Ethyl Morphine Nicomorphine
Acetylmethadol Ethylmethylthiambutene Nitrazepam
Alfentanil Etilamfetamine Nondazepam
Allobarbital Etonitazine Noracymethadol
Allylprodine Etoxeridine Norlevorphanol
Alphamepreodine Fencamfamin Normophine
Alphamethadol Fenetylline Norpipanone
Alpha-methylfentanyl Fenproporex Opium
Alphaprodine Fentanyl Oxazepam
Alprozolam Fludiazepam Oxycodone
Amfepramone Flunitrazepam Oxymorphone
Amfetamine Flurazepam Pamoline
Amobarbital Furethidine Parazepam
Anileridine Glutethimide Pentazocine
Barbital Halazepam Pentobarbite
Benzethidine Haloxazolam Pethidine
Benzfetamine Hydramorphinol Pethidine –Intermediate-C
Benzylmorphire Hydrochloria acid Pethidine-Intermediate-A
Betacetylmethadol Hydrooddone Pethidine-Intermediate-B
Betameprodine Hydroxypethidine Phaenampromide
Betamethadol Hydroxypethinol Phenadoxone
Betaprodime Isamethadone Phenazocine
Bromezepam Isosafrale Phencyclidine
Buprenorphane Ketazolam Phendimetrazine
Butalbital Lefetamine Phenmetrazine
Butobarbital Levamethorphan Phenobarbital
Camazepam Levamoramide Phenomorphan
Cathine Levanfetamine Phenoperidine
Chordiazeposide Leverphanol Phentamine
Clinitazene Levophenacylmorphan Phenzocine
Clobazam Loprazolam Pholcodine
Clonazepam Lorazepam Piminodine
Clotiazepam Lormetazepam Piperonal
Cloxazolam Mathyprylon Pipradrol
Clozepate Mazindol Piritramide
Coca Leaf Mecloqualone Potassium permanganate
Codeine Mecloqualone Prazepam
Codoxime Medazepam Proheptazine
Concentrate of poppy straw Mefenorex Properidine
Cycloborbital Meprobamate Propiram
Dature Metazocine Propylhexedrine
Dehydromorphine Methadone Pyrovalerone
Delorazepam Methadone-Intermediate Racemethorphan
Derivaties Methapon Racemorphan
Dexamfetamine Methaqualone Raxemoramide
Dextromoramide Methldihydromorphine Riazolam
Dextroproproxyphene Methy 1 entry 1 ketone Ropiram
Diampromide Methyldesorphine Safrole
Diazepam Methylenedioxpheny Secbutarbarbital
Diethylthiambutene Methylphenidate Secobarbital
Difenoxin Methylphenobarbital Sufentanil
Dihydrocodeine Midazolam Sulphuric acid
Dimephepthanol Moaramide Intermediate Temezepam
Dimethythiambutene Moramide-Intermediate Tetrazepam
Dioxaphetyl Butyrate Morpheridine Thebacon
Diphenoxylate Morphine Thebaine
Dipipanone Morphine Methobromide Tilidine
Drotebanol Morphine-Oxide Toluene
Ecgonine, its esters and Myronphin Trimeperidine
Estazolam N-acetylanthranilic acid Trtrahydrocannabinol
Ethclorvynol Narcodeine Vinylbital
Ethinamate Nico Codine Zipeprol
Ethy Loflazepate Nicodicodine

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