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ROOTS, a best-selling novel by Alex Haley takes us on an epic journey of slavery and freedom. It began in the rural village of Juffureh and tracking almost five generation of family history across the Atlantic Ocean to the USA and back to The Gambia.

The Gambia’s history is interlaced in this story of survival, love of country, people and freedom, with evidence of tradition and culture still seen today. The trail of Kunta Kinteh, hero of this epic tale, can still be followed from his birthplace Juffureh in rural Gambia.

A converted yacht takes you on a three and a half hour journey to Albreda, a former French trading post. Then, a 15 minute walk will take you to Juffureh, Haley’s ancestral home, where you will meet a descendant of the Kinteh family. You can view the slavery exhibition at the museum in Albreda before boarding the boat and continuing your journey to the former slave fortress of James Island,now called Kunta Kinteh Island, in memory of Kunta Kinteh. On the return journey, you may have the opportunity to swim with the dolphins!!!!

In memory of Kunta Kinteh and other slaves from The Gambia and West Africa, The Gambia Organizes a biannual festival called the ′′International Roots Festival′′ The week long festival is staged in May and attended by locals and international guests from other African countries, The USA, Jamaica, Poland, UK etc. Other Major festivals include but not limited to: The Annual International Food and Beverage Festival (February), The annual Bird Watching Festival (October) and the annual International Boat Fishing Competition (November). These festivals are complemented by other community festivals celebrated throughout the year in various parts of the country.

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