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Upcoming International African Bird Fair

21ST -25th October,2016

Gambia diversity of habitats and ecosystems, varying from riverine forest, dry savannahs, rivers, wetlands to estuaries, rice fields, saltmarsh, mangroves and almost 80 km shoreline, these mosaic of habitats and ecosystems altogether support a staggering 660 species of birds, a third of which are migrant species

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Niumi Badiya festival

1st weekend of April yearly in Juffureh, but Alternatively with Toubacouta, Senegal

The Gambia and Senegal both share deep historical, cultural and ancestral ties. Nowhere is this unity in diversity spelt out more clearly than in the border regions surrounding the countries of Senegal and The Gambia. Here people move freely between the two countries sharing in their local traditions and other business engagements.

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Bike for Africa

January 2016

Bike for Africa will bring a group of 70 Brussels Airlines employees and friends to Senegal and The Gambia. The cyclists have all have a soft spot for sports, for Africa and for helping others. Together the aim is to raise €150,000 for three humanitarian projects.

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