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Wrestling is more than a sport in the Gambia. The wrestling arena is a place to show courage, labour, strength, fair play and to honor the traditional sports in society. Fights are organized between clans or weight opponents for a competition to win the coveted prices.

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Kayong Kalon Cultural Festival

By Kayorn Kalorn Association
October (held in the dry season)

It is a festival of the Karoninka clan. One of the first settlers of the Kombos and they spread from Gunjur to Mandinary. They come together annually to showcase their performance traditions as part of a desire to sustain their language and culture which is on the verge of extinction.

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Tourism Week

By Gambia Tourism Board

Stakeholders and members of the tourism fraternity come together during the tourism week to celebrate Gambian culture and award prizes for exemplary performance in the interest of tourism in the country.

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Open Mic Festival

By Black Lynz
December (last weekend)

This is the most celebrated Gambian youth musical festival held under the backdrop of rising Gambian musical talents and showcasing the best of music of the year.

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Christmas Celebration

25th December -1st January

The annual Christian festival celebrating Christ′s birth held every December 25. The Greater Banjul Area partakes with cultural performances showcasing the traditions of the various ethnic groups, especially those associated with the Christian community such as the hunting devil and fairy masquerades.

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Bajana marathon

1st week in April

Bajana International Marathon and Cultural festival has been initiated by The Gambia Volunteers Trust (GVT) in 2013. It is an annual event which aims to promote rural sports activities, a display of traditional Gambian cultural activities and to promote tourism in the rural villages of The Gambia.

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Fishing competition (Beach Casting)

16th -20th April

eeks to use the potentials of the naturally endowed river Gambia through fishing to generate and galvanize interest in destination Gambia. International participants but it has a strong local participation too. The championship comes with a Prize Giving Ceremony and Dinner

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Fishing competition (Boat Fishing )

11th -16th November

The boat fishing is a championship that is also having an international dimension and a strong local presence. This competition is for sea fishing and includes the Anglers as well as the Skippers. It is also an annual event with prizes given to specific categories.

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