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Essau Worosso Cultural Festival

By Essau Cultural Society
March / April (Last weekend)
Biennial and routine with Maribantang

The Worosso Festival is a celebration of the first manding settlers of the Gambia River banks from the Great Mali Empire. The settlement was positioned into 7 pillars (sinkirr) of the local communities of the river banks.

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May Day Sports

By the State
May 1st

This is a national holiday where workers across the length and breadth of greater Banjul area converge at the Independence Stadium to take part in various sporting activities.

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International Roots Festival

By the Ministry of Tourism and Culture
6th -13th May 2016 (2nd week)

The Gambia′s most popular international festival. Organized once in every two years, the festival programme is characterized by visits to heritage sites relating to slavery; the futampaf, a Jola traditional initiation/ rites of passage ceremony from youth to adulthood in which visitor’s can partake; and diverse cultural performances.

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Kanilai International Cultural Festival

By the President
May/ June
Biennial (alternates with Roots)

Held in the village of Kanilai, the President’s birth place, performers are also invited from the neighboring countries of Sierra Leone, Mali and Guinea which are renowned for their prowess in mystic and occult practices.

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Jamoral Cultural Festival

By the Jamoral Society
June (beginning )

The Jamoral Festival is a biannual re-union of the Bojang, Manga, & Badjan families of Senegal & The Gambia who share the same ancestral lineage, totems and cultural beliefs.

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Sheikh Umar Futi Taal Ziyareh

Gunjur Sand Dunes Mosque (Sacred)
June (Ending)

The mosque, associated grounds, buildings and rocks are all regarded as sacred because the site provided sojourn for the Kalifat’ul Tijanniyya Sheikh Umar Taal, 1793-1864, leader of the Tijanniyya Sect in West Africa, during his Islamization mission in West Africa.

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July 22nd Celebrations

by the State
22nd July

This is a celebration of the July 22nd Revolution and the birth of our Second Republic .It is marked by official parades of the security forces, school children and cultural groups. Major government projects are also inaugurated and highlighted with a musical and cultural jamboree.

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Islamic Calendar

Depending on the sight of the moon Muslims observe the month of Ramadan fasting and end after a month with a religious celebration and solidarity with the family. Tobaski is further punctuated with ram sacrifices in tandem with the pilgrimage in Mecca.

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