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Banjul Cultural Festival

By Banjul City Council
25th December -1st January

It’s a long-standing display of the local Banjul culture and masquerade parade each Christmas day to New Year’s in January. Banjul, the capital city is a melting pot of ethnicities

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Sanyang International Cultural Festival

By Sanyang Village Development Committee
January (Last weekend)

Sanyang as the origin of the Kombo settlement is occupied by several ethnicities whose activities mainly centered on the sea trade. This festival showcases the Kombo cultures and traditions in their diversity from the 4 human life cycle ceremonies of birth, circumcision

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Kartong Festival

By Kartong Community Development Association
February (2nd weekend)

This festival includes a cultural display of various choreographic dances and traditional music of the two border communities of Kartong in the Gambia and Casamance in Senegal for a long weekend. It involves drumming

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Independence Day Celebration

By the State
18th February

This festival showcases the Gambia’s hospitality and culinary art in its diversity. It is an exhibit of our local food immersed with entertainment of our local performances.

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Amsterdam/ Plymouth Banjul Rally

By Jammeh Foundation for Peace
March (1st week)

Plymouth Banjul Rally is a charity rally that starts from Plymouth, UK, through other countries with Banjul as its ultimate destination.

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Trade Fair

By Gambia Chamber of Commerce (GCCI)

A trade fair organized to expand business opportunities for enterprises and create private sector jobs in addition to exhibiting product of local and international business.

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Bureng (Koosee) Cultural Festival

by Bureng Cultural Society
March (mid )

A Mandinka festival with the quest to preserve traditional cultural practices. This is a festival that takes place after harvests when food is abundant and people have plenty of time to relax before the rainy season sets in again and the fields demand a return to work.

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Maribantang/ Dankunku Cultural Festival

By Maribang Society
March (Last weekend)
Biennial and routine with Essau

Held in Dankunku village, this two-day event is aimed at showcasing the cultural heritage of this manding settlement in Maribantang. It is a home for the most famous griots and musician Jaliba Kuyateh.

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