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Western, Asian and African Foods are available at most hotels and restaurants. Most hotels serve Gambian food and the recommended dishes include;



This dish is popular amongst many Gambians, both in the rural and the urban centres. The dish is made with cassava and beans and has very rich nutrients. The ingredients used in preparing this local dish include beans, cassava, oils, onions, chilli, salt, black pepper and fried red snapper.

Pepper Soup


This is a tasty spicy thick stew which is very easy to make. Very spicy and it’s commonly prepared with fish, cow foot, chicken, or meat.



This is a typical Mandinka dish made from peanut butter. As the name implies, “Domo” means eating whilst “Da” means the stew pot. The uniqueness is that the flavour of this wonderful piquant dish comes from the main ingredient of concentrated peanut paste. Domoda can be prepared with meat, beef or fish with lot of vegetables. The dish is a good source of protein and is of high nutritious value. Ingredients used in Domoda include: salt, small medium onion, fresh tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, medium cabbage, peanut paste, tomato paste, lemon juice, stock cube.



Similar to Yassa, but usually made with fish. Caldo is very easy to prepare with the same delicious tangy lemon flavoring, but as the fish is steamed, it is much quicker to prepare.

Use one whole fish per serving, “jorto”or “sompat”are the recommended types of fish for this dish.



This is a popular Gambian dish, originated from the Wolof and which means cooking with one pot. As the name may suggest, just about anything ingredient can be used in preparing the dish. This is Africa’s answer to a good risotto lady fish. Alternatively it can be made with beef, lamb or mutton. Always use fresh herbs as this gives a good flavour to the food. The preparation might take about one hour. Ingredients used in preparing this dish include Fish or meat, lemon juice, basil leaves, aubergine, freshly chopped parsley, small medium onions, fresh chilli, fresh tomatoes, pumpkin, carrot, medium cabbage, vegetable oil, water and tomato paste. The use of tomato paste changes the colour of the dish to red. When tomato paste is not used the colour is white.



This dish is made with chicken or fish.The delicious tangy flavouris mostly as a result of the use of fresh lemons to make the Yassa Sauce; a huge favorite in this part of the world and definitely a recommendation for one to try. Ingredients used in making Yassa are whole chicken or fish, salt and pepper, onion, clove garlic, mustard, chilli sauce and lime juice.



This is another dish that is famous in the Gambia. The dish is easily prepared with pounded groundnuts and smoked fish. The ingredients used in preparing Mbahal are smoked fish, dry salted fish, locus bean or black-eyed beans, bunch spring onion, fresh chili, groundnut and white rice, bitter tomato or Jattoo.

These ingredients can be found in any local market at very cheap prices.

Fish Balls (Bullet)


Over the years, The Gambia has been trying to expose its different cuisine to many visiting tourists. Fish Balls can be seen in almost all the Hotels and restaurants around the Tourism Development area. If you want to have the best taste of this real Gambian owned dish you need to consider the following ingredients: onions, tomatoes, grind moulded bonga-fish mixed with breadcrumbs, freshly chopped parsley, black pepper, oil, stock cube, tomato paste, fresh chilli and boiled white rice

Oyster Stew


With the presence of the mighty swamps around the banks of the River Gambia, the Smiling coast of Africa is blessed with abundant oysters.The collection of these oysters is mainly done by women and they supply it to the major restaurants and hotels as well as to families at homes. Always request for this magnificent and delicious Gambian cuisine from your hotel during your stay in the Smiling Coast of Africa.

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