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Bajana marathon

1st week in April


Bajana International Marathon and Cultural festival has been initiated by The Gambia Volunteers Trust (GVT) in 2013. It is an annual event which aims to promote rural sports activities, a display of traditional Gambian cultural activities and to promote tourism in the rural villages of The Gambia. The event takes place at Bajana Village in Foni Berefet; it contributes immensely in reviving Gambia’s cultural heritage which is admired by tourists visiting The Gambia. The event brings revenue for the local community, and funds generated from the festival are put back into the village’s development projects.

Bajana International Marathon and Cultural Festival has immense value in Gambia’s tourism sector as the event is advertised over the internet, and participants from the UK and other parts of the world come to attend the festival; thus contributing towards Gambia’s growing tourism sector

Cultural Significance

The event is also televised by GRTS which is seen by GTRS audiences across the globe. Footage of the event is also posted online and seen by thousands of online viewers which help’s to promote The Gambia and its cultural values.

Bajana International Marathon and Cultural Festival is advertising Gambia globally which helps to bring tourists to The Gambia and contributes to meeting Gambia’s vision 2020.

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